Message from the Managing Director

The Message

The best way to help humanity is to empower it with proper education and training. Education’s keyoutcome is not just to produce intellectual human beings but also to bring out the humanness in them.The role of education and educators should be such that it should make a difference in the lives of pupils. Education begins in the cradle… is a universal truth and therefore, preschools’ paramount importance in the ladder of formal education cannot be undermined. In their most formative age, if children are given the right kind of love, care and guidance, then half the battle is won. The period between infancy and early childhood is where the imprint in the minds is the deepest and tangible.

Niños, a preschool system is one more sincere collaborative initiative taken up by CG|Education team.It’s a new educational paradigm in the preschool segment. The vision and mission of Niños is to stimulate four fundamental areas of a child and bring out the best from within. This comprehensive preschool working manual has seen the light of the day after a lot of research and toil. Niños is in fact an all-encompassing full proof teaching and learning methodology for children who are ready to embark on their life- long learning journey.

As mentioned earlier, education begins in the cradle… Niños is in fact the cradle, a safe haven thatendows the little ones to look ahead enthusiastically towards life with excitement and exhilaration. To me, Niños means never to give up on any child and see that they become the best that they can possibly be. I am confident that Niños will fulfill the aspiration of all our stakeholders by delivering the core essence of education, which is to bring out the potential of a child.

Let me congratulate each member of CG|Education and also wish Niños all the very best!

Nirvana Chaudhary

Managing Director | Chaudhary Group